Hi there! I’m Lindsey, a coffee connoisseur, animal lover, and lifestyle photographer living in the sunny state of California. I have 5 adorable nieces and nephews that are constantly on the other side of my camera, as well as a crazy pup that I'm always trying (and failing) to catch in a calm moment. When I’m not obsessing over all my favorite munchkins, I am a student pursing a degree in elementary education, hoping to use my love for children to do some good!

My photography style is simple; I’m a huge fan of natural lighting and being able to capture everyday moments, and I love candids. I love to focus on capturing the raw emotion behind any given moment, and my goal during every session is to catch you in a moment of bliss. I strive to create a comfortable, fun environment that encourages you to relax and be natural so I can do just that! I'm always open to doing something new, so please don't hesitate to reach out with your request(s).